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Content creation    Social media strategy    Analytics

A few examples of pieces of content we have created, and details of their success online. We create compelling content in a range of formats, providing unique ideas and social media strategies to get our work seen in the right places, by the right people.

DJ Khaled Christmas Card

DJ Khaled took the world of social media by storm in 2015. In December he found himself lost at sea on his jet ski and naturally, documented the entire event on Snapchat. His antics caught him worldwide media attention and he became an internet phenomenon overnight.

With this in mind, the subject of choice for our Christmas card that year was a no-brainer. The man himself reposted it to his 5 million followers across Twitter and Instagram, attracting 30,000 likes130 favourites47 retweets and countless reposts on Instagram. The card was also a success on Reddit and Imgur, topping two subreddits and receiving in excess of 15,000 views.

dj khaled christmas card
dj khaled christmas card repost

Star Wars Infographic

As long time Star Wars fans, and with The Force Awakens hysteria in full effect, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to pay our homage to the franchise. We released this infographic just weeks before the premiere of the new film. All the illustration for the project was lovingly crafted in-house, a real joy to work on.

The piece was picked up by several design and movie websites, receiving millions of views and significant interaction on social media. View the full infographic below (warning: it's quite big!)

the force awakens infographic cover photo
star wars infographic